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Treatment combines rejuvenating and uplifting effect on the skin and facial muscles.  Face, scalp, neck & shoulders hold a lot of the body and mind tension.

Various techniques are applied  on the face, scalp, neck and shoulders.

Treatment enhances the flow of blood, fluids to and from the facial tissues, energises and promotes  healthy new cell growth. Facial tissues are encouraged to plump up and lift from the inside giving a natural non surgical face lift.

Combination of techniques:

  • Accupressue massage addresses the face from within to create a glowing exterior. This includes helping to tone the facial muscles, balancing the energy flow, encouraging general wellness and stimulating circulation.

  • Petrissage techniques, is a kneading motion where the skin and the underlying layer of facial muscles are lightly grasped and lifted.

  •  Gua Sha is an alternative therapy, which works by skin scraping. A massage tool is used to scrape the skin. Main benefits are: improved circulation,  physical appearance with healthier look, firmer facial muscles, smoother skin, more radiant complexion, removal of toxins under the skin.

  •  Vacuum suction increases blood circulation and is effective to release tight muscles & fascia. By using vacuum this helps to reduce tension on the skin and tissues underneath which can soften and tone tight muscles, loosen and lift knots and connective tissue.


Helps to relieve muscular tension, loosening tight facial muscles resulting in a natural face lift.


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