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Antibacterial facial treatment has  germicidal and drying effect and is most efficient when treating acne prone, oily, seborrhoeic skins (excessive sebum production) with overall congestion & blemishes.

​The treatment starts with precleansing &  exfoliation and continues with ozone  facial steam & vacuum suction, which stimulates circulation, opens pores, softens the skin by moistening it and relaxing the tissues.  Ozone added to steam helps to oxygenate the skin and has a drying effect on acne.


The procedure continues with high frequency electrical treatment, during which the high frequency current is transmitted into a glass electrode, filled with argon gas (which produces the familiar violet ray) which has  germicidal and drying effect on acne. 



• Germicidal treatment, destroys bacteria, ideal for skin with excessive sebum production, one that is congested or has blemishes;
• Due to the oxygen being converted to ozone, has a drying effect  on oily area;

• Most commonly used on oily congested or acne skin types,

• Speeds up cell metabolism, which improves the appearance of the skin;

• Increases blood circulation, which brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area.

• Widens blood vessels resulting in improved colour to the skin;

• Has constricting effect on the pores;

• Increases lymphatic circulation, assisting with waste product & toxins removal.

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