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Deep cleansing facial is ideal treatment for oily, acne prone & congested skins.
The treatment  facilitates deep pore cleansing, removes oil/sebum, blackheads, toxins, congestion from the skin.

The treatments starts with  precleansing & exfoliation and continues with ozone  facial steam, which stimulates circulation, opens pores, softens the skin by moistening it and relaxing the tissues.  Ozone added to steam helps to oxygenate the skin and has a drying effect on acne.

Treatment continues with  vacuum suction procedure, which  brightens the skin, improves skin colour, brings blood to the epidermal layers, resulting in increased nourishment to the cells, better muscle tone and an improved complexion of the skin.
Treatment continues with extractions of blackheads and finished
with Galvanic deep cleansing treatment, to emulsify and soften the sebum, debris & follicles for deep pore cleansing.

Visible results are achieved after one session.



• Removes toxins from the area;

• Improves skin texture and colour; 
• Relaxing and soothing treatment;

• Speeds up cell metabolism; 
• Improves the appearance of the skin;

• Oxygenate the skin & drying effect on acne; 
• Improves oily, acne prone & congested skins;

• Removes the excess sebum, oil, blackheads & whiteheads;

• Softens dead skin cells and sebum; 
• Increases blood and lymph circulation;

Deep cleanses  the skin; 
• Helps to control oil & sebum production.

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